Inquiry Question – this week’s homework

Dear parents,

Please read this post to help your child complete their homework this week. Each student needs to answer this question:

What is a choice you can make that would impact your environment?

We talked about this in class, and  I was so amazed at the fantastic discussion that I would love to see what ideas the students have after talking about it with their families.

Please click on ‘Leave a Comment’ and help your child to type their answer.

Here are some examples of what we talked about:

Results of one of our discussion this week. Can you think of other choices that affect perhaps animals, plant life, or our health?

Please also visit our Unit of Inquiry 2 – Sharing the Planet page for an overview of what we are studying.

There are some new photos of students in the Math page and the Pictures page.


16 responses

  1. Ms Angela’s example:

    Choice: You step on a snail
    Impact: The snail dies, and the family of the snail is sad

  2. These choice will impact the nature environment
    I will water the tree, plant one tree and tell everyone to not smoking.
    The air will be clean and everyone will be happy.

    Tawan G.1

    1. Thank you for your ideas Tawan. If everyone did that the world would be a very beautiful and healthy place to live.

  3. Choice: How we could recycle thing if we don’t have a recycle box?
    Impact: We can make one with a new one. We can ask from the postman or make one from recycling paper.

    1. What a great idea Pammy! We can always find some old boxes to reuse for a recycling box.

  4. If we say bad words to our friend, they will be very sad.
    It is great to read the students’ choice and the thoughts how their choices can impact other people. Well done Grade 1!

  5. Choice: if we cut all trees on our earth
    Impact: There will no food and the weather will become too hot and too cold. All the animals will die. We will also die.

    1. That would be a very sad choice, wouldn’t it Yaisana? We have many beautiful trees on our earth and we want them to stay healthy.

  6. Choice:If we go to school by walking or bicycle instead of car.
    Impact:We have more health and can save gasoline. And the air become clean.

    1. That is a great idea Maho! We should encourage more people to do that.

  7. Reyna(Andy's mom) | Reply

    Choice : Saving water
    Impact : I can save water by taking shorter showers and turn off the when I’m brushingmy teeth.
    This will save water for the future.


  8. Andy(Chanseo Lee) | Reply

    Choice : Saver water
    Impact : I can save water by taking shorter showers and turn off the when I’m brushing my teeth.This will save water for the future.
    Andy ^^

  9. Por (Lloyd's mom) | Reply

    Lloyd’s choice is to drink room temperature water.
    Impact: save enery and help reduce global warming.
    If you drink room temperature water you don’t have to open refridgerator too often ^^

  10. Choice: When people throw too much rubbish away
    Impact: It goes into the sea, and the home of the fish breaks, and the fish die.

  11. Choice: We pick the vegetable and eat just a small amount. We save the rest for later.
    Impact: The sun will shine, we will get too hot on the planet, and we will die.

  12. Plant more trees. Because if there were no trees, then we wouldn’t be alive.

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