** International Fair **

Thursday 31st January


Dear parents,

Here are some last minute notes about tomorrow.



Maho, Naomi, Pammy and Oliver will be taking the bus from APIK at 2:15. All other students that are attending the fair will travel in private vehicles. Please pick up your child by around 2pm. Maho and family, and Naomi will take the bus back after 7pm. If your transport plans change, please notify the office and me.


There is no set costume for tomorrow, but if you can wear clothes that represent your home country that would be nice.

K3 and Grade 1 Boys

If you have a black or dark colored shirt to wear for the haka, please bring it. If not, don’t worry too much. The haka will be performed with Mr Andy and team New Zealand at 6:30pm. So please keep an eye on the program and the time for when to send your child to the stage. I will try and round up as many Grade 1 boys as I can just before that time.


Parents and caregivers are primarily in charge of their APIK children tomorrow afternoon. Please do not let your children run around unattended. Have them help you at your booth, or walk quietly around the stalls with you or another adult. I believe there may be some older students to take your kids for games early in the afternoon. If you will be busy with a performance or your booth gets very busy, please let myself, Ms Winnie or Ms Tom know and we can take turns looking after the kids to free you up.


If children are going to be at the fair for a while before their parents get there, then please send some money to school with them. Around 100-200B would be fine. All the stalls cost money for food and games. If parents will be at the fair from 3pm then this doesn’t apply so much, as the children can just come to you as needed.

Note for the girls:

It was too late for us to add the girls’ folkdance to the program, so we will perform that at an assembly in the future.


I look forward to seeing many of you tomorrow! It should be a very fun day. J


Ms Angela



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