International Day 2013


The boys strutting their stuff on the stage while performing the haka for New Zealand. They did well as it ended up being very late by the time it was their turn.

Thank you families, for attending our International Fair last week. It was a lovely evening of fabulous food, entertainment and games. I hope you and your children all enjoyed yourselves, I know I did! A huge thank you to all parents that contributed with time, effort, performances and setting up. It is what makes this day one of the highlights of our school year!

If you have photos of the event, the school would love to have copies of your pictures! If you have any of Grade 1 students you would like me to upload here, please email me.


3 responses

  1. Dear Angela and G.1 team,

    Thank you for sharing lovely and beautiful pics of G.1. I really enjoy watching your Wild About Grade 1. Just to remind you about pics of Tawan. He is clearly seen on the pic of Buffalo village trip.



    1. I will check again Aj. Ladda. Please can you comment on the exact photo you see him? Because I checked many times so I must have missed one.

      1. Ah – found it and it’s gone. I had deleted from one place but not the other. Thanks for pointing it out!

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