World Math Day

Dear students and parents,

Practice for World Math Day has begun! Your children each have a unique username and password pasted into their student planner so they can log into the World Education Games site and practice anytime!

You can type either or into your internet browser. Then you will see this screen:

WMD homepage


Click the ‘Login’ button in the top right corner.

WMD login


Type in your username and password. Click ‘login’ again.

Now you can click on your ‘avatar’ to change your appearance, or choose a level to start a new practice game! You play in real-time against other children from around the world in your age group (4-7 years).

WMD choose level


I suggest you start at Level 1, and once you’ve played ten or more games at that level you can choose if you want to stay there or move to the next level. It’s up to you! Careful though – 3 strikes and you’re out of the game, so type carefully.

All games played prior to Wednesday 6th March are considered practice games. Games played on Wednesday 6th March are counted towards total points for our school, and there is the possibility of prizes. I believe only the first 10 games at each of the five levels count on the day. Please read the ‘Rules’ on the site if you want to know more. Certificates of Participation will be issued to anyone who completes at least one game on the official World Math Day.

Playing on the World Education Games site is so fun and addictive! Not to mention great for basic math fact recall. Practice makes perfect.

Please play a few games at home when you can between now and the end of the week. I will check your progress!

PS: Your sign in details will also work for World Spelling Day and World Science Day, however that is not a focus for our class, so it’s up to you if you want to try those.

Kind regards,

Ms Angela



One response

  1. Dear Angela,

    Thank you so much for doing this for our students. This is what we expect it to happen : leading the students to the international level, outside APIS (K) wall.


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