World Math Day results for APIS

Congratulations for excellent math fact recall! There was a lot of pressure to answer questions very fast during the competition. Most Grade 1 students got about an hour of computer time to play on the day.

Here are the results for the top scoring participants from our school for the World Math Day competition held on Wednesday 6th March.

WMD Hall of Fame completeI believe the scores are taken from the number of correct answers in the first 50 games played on the day (10 games at level 1, 10 at level 2, … through to level 5).  I should be able to print out certificates for you all next week.

Well done everybody! I hope you enjoyed taking part in this world event.

(Please note the above is only for APIS students in the 4-7 year old age group).

Kind  regards,

Ms Angela


One response

  1. Well done G.1! Congratulations Angela, Winnie and Thom!

    We are so proud of you and thank you Angela to experience our students to this World event.

    Have a nice and lovely weekend.


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