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Rice Farm and Buffalo Village

Friday 8th February 2013

Here we all are at the Rice Farm and Buffalo Village!

Here we all are at the Rice Farm and Buffalo Village!

Please see our Pictures page to see a new gallery with a whole bunch of photos of our day! See our Unit of Inquiry 4 page for more details about rice processing and what we have been learning about for From Field to Table.

Noa & Naomi riding a water buffalo

Noa & Naomi riding a water buffalo

Those that want to take turns plowing the rice field behind the buffalo.

Those that want to take turns plowing the rice field behind the buffalo.


Recycling supplies

Grade 1 are hard at work designing and making their recycled objects. They have requested a few more of the following items. Can you help?

  • big cans (such as for rolled oats, or baby formula)
  • small boxes (like snack boxes)
  • toilet paper rolls (or plastic wrap, tin foil, or baking paper tubes)
  • plastic bottles (all sizes)
  • plastic cups
  • colored straws
  • old newspapers/magazines

Please send any of the above to school with your child. Almost everything you’ve donated so far has already been used!

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(PS: Halloween pictures will be posted tomorrow)

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Unit of Inquiry 2 – Sharing the Planet

Found at via Pinterest.

After looking at people’s homework this week, we noticed that many ideas related to suggestions of ways to reduce waste on our planet:

  • use less water (shorter showers, turn off the tap while you clean your teeth)
  • throw away less trash (you can recycle some things, or reuse broken things to make something else)
  • throw away less food (eat all your food or use it for feeding animals or plant compost to help gardens grow)
  • use less power (eg: drink water at room temperature)
  • make less pollution (if you walk or bike to school instead of driving your car)

As we analyzed these great ideas, we thought of things we could do to reuse old things that might otherwise be trash, or to recycle and make new things.

We now want to collect a bunch of old things like plastic soda bottles, bottle caps, plastic lids, plastic milk cartons, small boxes, nails, buttons – anything we can reuse for some recycled art projects.

Here are a couple of pictures and links to some websites with great ideas of art we could make:

Found by Ms Hannah at

Do you think we could make some of these things? Let’s gather what we can over the October break, and the first week back, and see what we come up with! If you can think of something else to make, or some materials we haven’t thought of, please bring them too. Please bring supplies that you are OK to share with others.

Inquiry Question – this week’s homework

Dear parents,

Please read this post to help your child complete their homework this week. Each student needs to answer this question:

What is a choice you can make that would impact your environment?

We talked about this in class, and  I was so amazed at the fantastic discussion that I would love to see what ideas the students have after talking about it with their families.

Please click on ‘Leave a Comment’ and help your child to type their answer.

Here are some examples of what we talked about:

Results of one of our discussion this week. Can you think of other choices that affect perhaps animals, plant life, or our health?

Please also visit our Unit of Inquiry 2 – Sharing the Planet page for an overview of what we are studying.

There are some new photos of students in the Math page and the Pictures page.