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Newsletter – Quarter 4 Weeks 6, 7 & 8

News - Q4 W7

Click here for a link to the song words for the end of year concert. The students brought home a yellow colored paper copy of this today. Please encourage your child to read through and sing these songs for reading homework.

Please complete and return the language options for Grade 2 letter that many of you received up at the orientation day. I sent extras home today. This information is crucial to scheduling and staffing for next year.

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News – Quarter 4 Week 4

This week's newsletter

This week’s newsletter

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. See you on Monday!

Here is last week’s news in case you need it:

Last week's newsletter

Last week’s newsletter

News – Quarter 3 Week 8

News - Q2 W8Here is an active link to the website mentioned above:

The photos are excerpts of a book written by James Mollison titled Where Children Sleep.

Have a fantastic weekend!


Ms Angela

News – Quarter 3 Week 7

News - Q3 W7 p1

News - Q3 W7 p2

News – Quarter 3 Week 1

Happy New Year everyone!

I trust you all had a safe and enjoyable break whether you were here in Chiang Mai, or away. Mr Andy, Jessica and I thoroughly enjoyed our  Christmas in Seoul, Korea visiting friends from when we lived there 6 years ago.

Wearing a few more clothes than we are used to. It was -13 degrees Celsius when we left our friend's place for Christmas dinner!

Wearing a few more clothes than we are used to. It was -13 degrees Celsius when we left our friend’s place for Christmas dinner!

at the Coex Mall Aquarium

at the Coex Mall Aquarium

Mr Andy, Jessica and I at Gyeonggi English Village in one of my old classrooms.

Mr Andy, Jessica and I at Gyeonggi English Village in one of my old classrooms.

Jessica just wanted to eat the snow.

Jessica just wanted to eat the snow.

We had a lot of students that shared news with the class today. If your child would like to share photos, we welcome them to school anytime.

Back to School

We welcome Oliver Chu back to APIK. Oliver and his family have been living in the USA for the last few months, and it is great to have them back!

I welcomed the whole class back to school on Monday with a 100 word spelling test! Lucky them. In fact all week we have been working extra hard. We finished off our last unit of inquiry Materials and Matter by making more clay creations, but this time here at school. Students needed to tell me some properties of clay, how they changed the clay, and the purpose of their clay creation.

work in progress

work in progress

We completed a pre-test for our next math unit, recommenced our guided reading groups, and started writing holiday recounts using the writing process. We finished off the week with a quick lesson on portrait drawing, and began sketching our friends. I can’t wait to see how these artworks turn out!


Two homework sheets have gone home and they are due back next Thursday 24th January. One is for math, and the other is for our new unit of inquiry.

Website photos

I am a little behind with uploading photos. I think I still have a bunch from the end of last semester that I need to post, so I will make sure to do that this month.

Show and tell

Tawan, Yaisana, and Ryu may bring something to share to the class on Friday 25th January.

News – Quarter 2 Week 7

News - Q2 W7

Sidewalk Chalk Paint recipe here:


PS: I did not send a paper copy of this newsletter home today.

News – Quarter 2 Week 6

News - Q2 W6

News - Q2 W6 p2

News – Quarter 2 Week 3

News – Quarter 2 Week 2

The Homework and Pictures pages have also been updated.


News – Quarter 2 Week 1