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Artistic Expression

Please view the new page for our sixth and final unit of inquiry How We Express Ourselves. There are a few photos of our field trip last Thursday, as well as information on what we are inquiring into. More information will be added as our unit progresses.

Grade 1 expressing our creativity at the Chiang Mai International Schools' art show at CMU Arts Center

Grade 1 expressing our creativity at the Chiang Mai International Schools’ art show at CMU Arts Center


Student-led conferences

Dear families,

Below is the Grade 1 schedule for conferences this Wednesday. Please check that I have your time correct.

There will be other students and their families in the room at the same time as you, so just come right in and your child will show you where to start.  I will close the room for breaks (11-11:30 and 1-2pm). Outside of those times,  if you arrive a little early or a little late, that is no problem.

Conference times for Grade 1 on Wednesday 1st May

Conference times for Grade 1 on Wednesday 1st May


If there is an emergency and you need to change your time on the day, please email me, or send me an SMS 082-894-2694. I can be flexible with times on Wednesday, but I am not able to change the day.

Please remember that there is no school on Wednesday. Just turn up with your child(ren) at your meeting time for each class. I look forward to seeing you!

Ms Angela



Thai Culture Day

Thai Culture Day 040



Thai Culture Day 029

Thai Culture Day 012

Thai Culture Day 041

Homefun (optional)

If you want some fun homework for the Songkran break, here is the file.

Have a wonderful holiday!

Ms Angela

I Love to Read Week

Tuesday 19th March – Book Swap

Please bring any old books from home that you are finished with and want to give away in your backpack. Ms Angela will tell you where to leave your books. You will receive tokens to use later to choose books that are NEW TO YOU that someone else has finished with. You may bring used books of any language or level – baby books through to adult books.

“Twins Day”

If you like, you and a friend can dress as ‘twins’ for the day and wear matching clothes. You may wear the same colored clothes as a friend, or wear your hair the same way, or the same funny hat.

Please also wear PE shoes as we may have basketball in the afternoon.


9:15 vans leave KG for MBC

9:45 meet Ms Angela beside the MBC playground

Orientation to Grade 2

  • guest reader (Ms Cate)
  • English testing
  • PE basketball

3:00 vans arrive back at KG


Thursday 21st March – K1/K2/K3/G1 go to MBC

“Champions Day”

Wear ‘champion’ clothes. You may dress as any superhero, or a book character that is a champion in some way, such as being very special or overcoming a big problem. For example:

Batman is a champion as he defends innocent people.

The Little Red Hen is a champion as she baked the bread all by herself.

Harry Potter is a champion as he helped defeat evil wizards.


9:15 buses/vans leave KG

2:30pm K3/G1 students arrive back at KG


Kind regards,

Ms Angela


Kind regards,


Ms Angela

Field Trip Frenzy!

Please note that your signed blue field trip form needs to be returned to school tomorrow (Wednesday 13th March). This gives permission for the four excursions over the next 2 weeks on Thursday 14th, Friday 15th, Tuesday 19th and Thursday 21st March.

Click here to download the form.

Kind regards,

Ms Angela

** International Fair **

Thursday 31st January


Dear parents,

Here are some last minute notes about tomorrow.



Maho, Naomi, Pammy and Oliver will be taking the bus from APIK at 2:15. All other students that are attending the fair will travel in private vehicles. Please pick up your child by around 2pm. Maho and family, and Naomi will take the bus back after 7pm. If your transport plans change, please notify the office and me.


There is no set costume for tomorrow, but if you can wear clothes that represent your home country that would be nice.

K3 and Grade 1 Boys

If you have a black or dark colored shirt to wear for the haka, please bring it. If not, don’t worry too much. The haka will be performed with Mr Andy and team New Zealand at 6:30pm. So please keep an eye on the program and the time for when to send your child to the stage. I will try and round up as many Grade 1 boys as I can just before that time.


Parents and caregivers are primarily in charge of their APIK children tomorrow afternoon. Please do not let your children run around unattended. Have them help you at your booth, or walk quietly around the stalls with you or another adult. I believe there may be some older students to take your kids for games early in the afternoon. If you will be busy with a performance or your booth gets very busy, please let myself, Ms Winnie or Ms Tom know and we can take turns looking after the kids to free you up.


If children are going to be at the fair for a while before their parents get there, then please send some money to school with them. Around 100-200B would be fine. All the stalls cost money for food and games. If parents will be at the fair from 3pm then this doesn’t apply so much, as the children can just come to you as needed.

Note for the girls:

It was too late for us to add the girls’ folkdance to the program, so we will perform that at an assembly in the future.


I look forward to seeing many of you tomorrow! It should be a very fun day. J


Ms Angela


Boys – New Zealand haka actions

Dear parents,

For International Day, the K3 and Grade 1 boys will join Mr Andy, Mr Mike and some older boys in performing the haka, a Maori dance that challenges others. Here is a link to a you tube video that teaches the actions. Don’t worry too much about the words, but join in where you can boys!

Here is a link to last year’s website that has two other videos you can watch, and the words typed out.

The girls will have the opportunity for a different kind of performance on International Day, so stay tuned!

Kind regards,

Ms Angela and Mr Andy

News – Quarter 2 Week 4

Please note that tomorrow for Sports Day, only the t-shirt needs to be white (or beige or gray). Shorts and hats can be any color! Good PE shoes are also needed, and perhaps for parents too…