Quarter 3 Week 8

This week’s homework:

Homework this week is to please bring photos of your home! We will be making a book at school and pasting the photos in. You can send photos in on your camera, a flash drive, email me or print them yourselves!

Take photos of:

  • the people in your home
  • the outside of your home
  • some of the rooms in your home
  • something important to you in or around your home

You may clip pictures to your homework book, or bring them in a separate envelope.

Daily and Weekly Homework Organization

Naomi is holding the green homework books that are due back at school on Thursdays.

Weekly homework is pasted in your child’s green homework book on Fridays. It is due back the following Thursday. If you need information on how your child should complete their homework (and how much help you should give them ;)) please check this page.

Maho has her Reading Diary, and her book to read to someone at home. Please return these to school daily.

Daily reading homework is sent home Mon-Thur. Please allow 5 minutes each evening for your child to read their guided reading book to or with someone at home.

Yuji is showing his Home Folder. Please keep this in your backpack to bring to school every day.


7 responses

  1. Reyna(Andy's mom) | Reply

    I will help Andy!
    But he unable to it , he will bring it to you early nest week.
    Thank you!

    1. No problem! I will help him. 🙂

      1. Reyna(Andy's mom)

        Thank you.
        Yesterday Andy did his homework himself.

  2. yuji
    I has japanese homework a lost of work.but I don’t forget ms. angela homework.

    1. No problem! Anytime before Thursday is fine 🙂

  3. Miss Angela I have done all the homework. Do I have to bring the empty bottles? Thanks!

    1. Yes please. We have just started making things out of bottles and boxes today. So if you send them with Yaisana tomorrow that would be great! If you haven’t enough collected for what she wants to make I am sure there will be plenty from other people.

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