Language Arts


Click here for a link to the Jolly Phonics Songs on youtube. This version is incomplete, but it contains all the sounds we have introduced so far, in the order of the children’s songbook.


Your child will read to you every night on Monday-Friday. Comment in their Reading Diary. Please read to your child in any language as often as you can.

Your child reads a guided reading book at their level of learning with me twice a week. On the other days they take a book at or below their level of their own choice. It is likely to be a book they have read before. Some children love to re-read books that are familiar to them, that they are confident reading. Please do not worry if your child keeps bringing the same book home every other day. On the days they read with me, they will always have new material.

The students will bring home a leveled reader on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. On Fridays they will bring their Jolly Phonics song book. A link to the song is above.


The students write about a variety of topics in a variety of styles at school. They write almost every day in their Writing Journals. Students often are able to write about their choice of topic, and at other times I give them a story starter or a theme of what to write. At this early stage of the year, we are most interested in Ideas. So we want the children’s ideas to flow through their writing. We are teaching the students to spell unknown words as they sound, and we help them fix them up later when their story is finished. Students also have a personal dictionary where they can find correctly spelt words, and teachers can add new words for them.


We will begin our spelling program in October/November.


We are reviewing the letter sounds of the Jolly Phonics program. Students bring home their ‘Jolly Songs’ book on Fridays. They will read/sing this to you. Please send it back to school the next day as you would any reading book, as we practice our Jolly Song nearly every day. Click here to hear the jolly phonics song on You Tube.

This page last updated 12th September 2012


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