MBC trips

Thursday 21st March

Tuesday 19th March

Royal Flora Gardens

Friday 15th March

Mae Jo Baan Din

Thursday 14th March

Rice Village and Buffalo Farm

Friday 8th February 2013

International Fair

Friday 1st February 2013

Materials and Matter – How the World Works

science labs, texture collages and feely bags, clay making field trip, making our own pottery

Reduce Reuse Recycle – Sharing our Planet

posters, brochures, musical instruments & recycled art sculptures

Math Patterns


Monday 31st October 2012

Here is the link to the Halloween slideshow post.

Loy Krathong


Classroom Stuff

Click here to view the video of the Amazing Magician Ryu and his magic tricks for Show and Tell last quarter!

Wai Kru & Information Day


2 responses

  1. Tomorrow I am reading book for G1.It is about best friend.
    Every sunday Andy and I prepare it, so we enjoying too.

  2. Thank you so much G.1 team for sharing wonderful pictures to us. We are so happy to know that great things happen on our 3rd floor (not on the roof).

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