Unit of Inquiry 2 – Sharing the Planet

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Central idea: The choices we make have an impact on our environment

An inquiry into:

  • how humans’ actions have caused the environment to change
  • how your actions affect the environment
  • how ecosystems are affected by pollution

Assessment task:

Students will have the option to create a persuasive poster or brochure about ways they can help the environment.

This could be how their actions affect a particular ecosystem, or suggestions for ways to reduce, reuse, or recycle.

poster Noa

brochure inside Knitty

Our brochures and posters are all finished now. Posters will be displayed around the school, brochures are being photocopied for distribution. To see all the brochures and posters, please see our Pictures page.

Teacher Questions:

How is our earth changing?

How do your actions affect the environment?

What is an ecosystem?

How are ecosystems affected by people?


For this unit of inquiry, we turned the central idea into a question, “What choices can you make that will affect your environment?” We identified our environment as our school, our family, our town, and plants and animals around us. Students demonstrated respect for how the environment can change as they discussed, and read books on topics such as pollution, global warming, and wasting commodities such as food, water, and electricity. The students were curious as to how we could help reduce waste in our daily lives. We watched videos about recycling, tried making our own recycled paper, and brainstormed ideas such as giving away our used clothes or books, turning the tap off when brushing our teeth, and switching lights off in rooms we are not using. For our summative assessment task, the children displayed their sense of responsibility as they created either a persuasive poster or brochure urging others to reduce, reuse or recycle to help have a positive impact on our environment.

Notes from during our unit:

This week’s homework is to watch this video of a paper recycling plant. Then complete the  Recycle video homework page.

Monday 5th November:

Here are some links to making recycled paper. We will be doing that this week!




After looking at people’s homework the other week, we noticed that many ideas related to suggestions of ways to reduce waste on our planet:

  • use less water (shorter showers, turn off the tap while you clean your teeth)
  • throw away less trash (you can recycle some things, or reuse broken things to make something else)
  • throw away less food (eat all your food or use it for feeding animals or plant compost to help gardens grow)
  • use less power (eg: drink water at room temperature)
  • make less pollution (if you walk or bike to school instead of driving your car)

As we analyzed these great ideas, we thought of things we could do to reuse old things that might otherwise be trash, or to recycle and make new things.

We now want to collect a bunch of old things like plastic soda bottles, bottle caps, plastic lids, plastic milk cartons, small boxes, nails, buttons – anything we can reuse for some recycled art projects.

Here are a couple of pictures and links to some websites with great ideas of art we could make:

Do you think we could make some of these things? Let’s gather what we can over the October break, and the first week back, and see what we come up with! If you can think of something else to make, or some materials we haven’t thought of, please bring them too. Please bring supplies that you are OK to share with others.

The results of one of our class discussions this week


7 responses

  1. Knitty say, she want to play iPad in the classroom
    Effect, she enjoy so much
    Impact, friends and teacher not happy

    1. Thank you Knitty! Actually I’d love for everyone to have iPads in the classroom 🙂

  2. Peanuts, want to cooking in the class
    Affect, may be his friends like his cooking
    Impact, he may be a famous cooker in the future

    1. Thank you Peanut! We will be doing some cooking at school later in the year. How great it would be for you to be a famous chef 🙂

  3. yuji watch movie all day
    we might be happy
    we might be fun
    maybe we like it

    1. Thank you for your idea Yuji. I agree it might be a lot of fun if we watched movies all day!

  4. Don’t cut down too many trees. We might build less and nature would have more.

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