Unit of Inquiry 3 – How the World Works

Materials and Matter

Central idea: Materials have properties that can be changed to be used in different ways.

What are we inquiring into?

  • The properties of materials (form)
  • The changing states of matter (change)
  • How humans use different materials (function)

Final Assessment:

Students will build something (for example a toy, tool, boat, musical instrument) where they need to manipulate matter in some way. They will be required to explain why they chose a particular material, and how they changed the material to suit their purpose.

Monday 19th November

We watched two BrainpopJr videos on ‘Senses‘ and ‘Writing with the Senses‘. (Note: you need to sign up for a trial account if you wish to view these at home). We then applied our knowledge about adjectives to describe how things feel.

Ms Angela put different objects into 4 feely bags. We had to describe how the objects felt when we touched them and what materials we thought they were made of.

For the last two weeks we have been exploring materials a little further and finding out what happens when we mix things together or apply pressure to objects.

Science Lab 1

QUESTION: What happens when dish soap touches food color in milk?

PREDICTION: We think that it will change color or explode.

December 2012 043MATERIALS:


Food color

dish soap

December 2012 044


1. Pour milk in a plate

2. Put drops of food color in

3. Dip a toothpick in soap and touch the color

December 2012 045

OBSERVATIONS: The colors started to move and swirl like they were fighting. We think it looked like magic.

December 2012 050

Science Lab 2

QUESTION: What happens when we mix cornflour with water?

PREDICTION: It will be squishy like playdoh and gooey.

MATERIALS: cornflour, water

PROCEDURE: Mix 1 cup cornflour with 1/2 cup water

OBSERVATIONS: When we touched it hard it was sticky and gooey like slime. When we punched it hard it felt solid and hard.


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