Unit of Inquiry 6 – How We Express Ourselves

Artistic Expression

6th May to 14th June 2013

Central idea: People use art to express their feelings, thoughts and beliefs.

Lines of inquiry:

  • How different pieces of art make us feel (perspective)
  • How we can express ourselves through art (reflection)
  • Different artistic techniques (form)

Final Assessment:

Students will create a piece of art in a medium of their choice, expressing a thought, belief, or a feeling. They will then write (or dictate) a reflection on what they are expressing and how they made it.

We started our unit this week with the help of Ms Hannah. We looked at a number of artworks and the children identified what they could SEE, THINK, or WONDER about each one.


At the Chiang Mai international schools’ art showcase yesterday, we viewed many amazing pieces of art. We applied our SEE, THINK, WONDER there too as we went on an art ‘treasure hunt’ to find some of the artworks that were in our  booklet. We also discussed these three questions about some of the art:

  • What does it make you feel?
  • What materials/techniques were used?
  • Why do you think the artist made this?

We were lucky enough to be there at the same time as some Grade 2 students from PTIS, so we were able to interview some of the artists in person about works we saw on display.

Grade 1

Grade 1

Carter, Bin-Bin and Pammy are famous!

Carter, Bin-Bin and Pammy are famous!

Chelsea studies the artworks

Chelsea studies the artworks



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