Unit of Inquiry 1 – Who We Are

Learning Together

Theme: Who We Are

Central idea: Groups of people work together in different ways to achieve common goals.

What are we inquiring into?

  • The ways and reasons different groups work together (connection)
  • How we determine a successful team (causation)
  • What each person needs to do to be a responsible group member (responsibility)

Final Assessment:

Students will work in small groups to design a cooperative game in which the team that wins will be the team that works best together.  Students will write the assessment criteria as a class.

Maho and Yaisana discuss and write how their cooperative ball game will be played (inquiry)

Carter works hard to include all members in her group (inquiry)

Pammy & Lloyd draw details for of their ‘hide and seek’ game for inquiry

Andy and Yuji work on the planning for their game for inquiry

Tonnam, Knitty & Noa decide how they will add original ideas to an existing board game (inquiry)

Tonnam, Knitty and Noa teach us their board game

We learn a new game “Red Purple and Blue”. It is similar to hide and seek. We had lots of fun playing!



2 responses

  1. Hi. I hope all Grade 1 students enjoy first Unit.

  2. It has been nice to see the G.1 demonstrate the responsibility at lunch time and also in the morning as part of students who fly the flag. Thank you G.1 students and teachers.

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